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Mini Telescopic Glasses

Custom-made Spectacles for Visually Impaired

World’s only invisible and good-looking telescopic spectacle, different than old-traditional weird, heavy, ugly telescopes. A new brand Mini Telescopic device is embedded in eyeglass so this special spectacle becomes invisible from outside. Mini Telescopic Glasses is similar to ordinary spectacles that people wear around you.

Price, including frame and shipping: US$ 2.700

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Mini Telescopic Glasses

What to expect

Improves vision in far-distance and near-reading as well as for intermediate distance. Low vision person begins to read and uses smartphone from a convenient distance of 30-35 cm. which is the healthy reading distance that we advise to everybody to hold reading materials. Computer usage becomes possible at 40-50 cm. Using smartphone and computers at these convenient distances make visually impaired perform normally and nobody can realise that you are visually impaired.

No loss of visual field occurs as Mini Telescopic device is implanted in front of one eye. The magnified image of telescopic eye falls in the middle of non-telescopic eye’s picture and with a proper training low vision person begins to fuse these two dissimilar images. This new concept in visual rehabilitation is called “Simultaneous Vision” and low vision person begins to experience an enhanced vision without any visual field loss.

Seeing Less is No Longer Destiny!

New Opportunities

Mini Telescopic Glasses can be used in mobile tasks as well; like walking, biking and driving. As there is no visual field loss, patient can able to do every mobile activity with Mini Telescopics easily, even driving becomes possible for visually impaired with this spectacle.

All visual impairments can be enhanced with this miraculous spectacle to a perfect visual level and Mini Telescopic Glasses improves life standard of visually impaired to almost normal levels.


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