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Mini Telescopic Glasses

Mini Telescopic Glasses restore visual loss of low vision people; enhance perfect vision in distance, near, smartphone usage and mobile activities.

Seeing less is no longer destiny!

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World’s only invisible and good-looking telescopic spectacles, similar of spectacles that everybody around you wears

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Improves vision in far-distance and near-reading

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No loss of visual field and depth of perception.
Usable in motion, even driving a vehicle is possible

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All visual impairments are treated with this miraculous spectacle to a perfect vision

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Low Vision

What is Low Vision?

You may have low vision if you can’t see well enough to do things like:

  • Read
  • Drive
  • Recognize people’s faces
  • Shopping
  • Seeing the board at front row of classroom
  • See your television or computer screen clearly and many more.
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Years of experience


Treated patients

More than 40 years of experience

Prof.Dr.Ahmet Temel, MD. pioneered low vision studies in 1981 and has successfully treated more than 6000 low vision patients since then.

He removed the rough, bulky, ugly and weird look of the old-style telescopic spectacles and transformed the telescopic glasses into a normal looking eyeglass.

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Mini Telescopic Glasses

Change the future of your or your kid’s life into a brilliant way by enhancing vision at threefolds. Return to a normal life with Mini Telescopic Glasses.

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