Mini Telescopic Glasses are custom-made for each patient individually.
Ordering this tailor-made glasses is very easy and can be done remotely
(online) *

Order steps more about glasses

order process

Easy Online Process



Firstly let me know whether you wear prescription glass or whether you
have been prescribed such a spectacle in the past. If “yes” please provide me
this prescription values.



Please go to an optic shop and find yourself a comfortable spectacle frame.
Preferably, a frame that contains nose pads. 

Here is a Picture of nose-pads on a
spectacle frame



Make some selfie photos while wearing this frame. These
photos are very important.

I also like you to make picture of the size of the frame. These size values are inscribed inside of one arm of frame. I am sure your optician will help to sort out these size values. Please make a photograph of these values and send me. Below is an example of these values written on an arm of a spectacle frame.



I shall manufacture your glasses in a similar size and shape frame according to the measurements of your selfie photographs.

I shall sort out a similar spectacle frame and manufacture your glasses in this frame. Of course I shall ask your approval of the frame I will find in Istanbul before beginning production.



When I finish production of your Mini Telescopic Glasses I shall make the shipment to your address.



Afterwards I shall get online contact with you for the usage and maintanence of your Mini Telescopic Glasses.

Afterwards I shall get online contact with you for the usage and maintanence of your Mini Telescopic Glasses. I shall keep on contacting you in every 2-3 weeks for one-year long and will explain some exercises for to adapt you to Mini Telescopic Glasses. These training sessions are very crucial for adapting this special spectacle. Face-to-face on-line talks and some video tutorials will make you an excellent user of Mini Telescopic and you will shortly become a perfect user.

* Price of Mini Telescopic Eyeglasses is US$ 2.700.  I am running a Covid-19 campaign and proving it to everybody on-line. This online ordering saves your travel costs up to Istanbul and very advantageous. If you are unsatisfied from glasses you can return it and get a full refund. This price quotation includes a pair of Mini Telescopic Spectacle, frame of spectacle, anti-reflactive coated lenses of spectacle, shipping/handling charges from Istanbul to your address and two-year long guarantee. You have the money-back guarantee in the first two-months if you are unsatisfied. I shall manufacture the spectacle customly for you and ship it to your address by courrier.


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