You may have low vision if you can’t see well enough to do things like:

  • Read
  • Drive
  • Recognize people’s faces
  • Shopping
  • Seeing the board at front row of classroom
  • See your television or computer screen clearly and many more.

The person whose vision could not be increased with medical treatment, laser or surgical methods is called ‘Low Vision Person’.  Eyeglasses, contact lenses, laser or surgical visual treatments do not help to increase the vivison of these people. This condition is quite different from blindness. Low vision person have a very little vision. These people often complain that they see their surroundings through a smoke screen or frosted glass.

An Eye Doctor’s first job is to provide a better vision the visually-diseased person.

The vision of the visually impaired person cannot meet his daily needs. Unfortunately, low vision is usually permanent. Eyeglasses, medicine, and surgery can’t usually cure low vision. It is possible to increase the low vision to a normal level with several techniques and devices like Mini Telescopic Glasses.

In most cases central vision is lost by deterioration of macula which is the middle part of retina. We can help these patients with the normal functioning visual capacity of healthy peripheral retina. Many low vision devices magnify and drop image on the healthy peripheral retina for to provide a better vision.

These visual rehabilitation devices provide a normal vision by stimulating the healthy retinal nerve cells and all visually handicapped people can easily reach almost normal vision levels.

An Eye Doctor’s first job is to provide a better vision the visually-diseased person. No doctor can advise you to run rest of your life with this visual handicap. Some visually impaired people become very dependent on relatives and friends, while others suffer alone. That’s a shame.

Mini Telescopic Glasses are available to help you overcome your vision impairment and live independently forever.

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