Comandor Constantin Comsa

I am a former supersonic pilot of Romanian Air Force, I flew for 25 years with MIG 21 and I could see the enemy plane at 2000 m. After 10 years from retirement I have lost central vision and after an unsuccessful surgery I can only see with my left eye (20 / 400).

My life changed when I discovered Dr. Ahmet Temel, the inventor of a very small and discreet bioptic telescope, but that helps tremendously! Before I was walking much focused to notice obstacles and I couldn’t distinguish faces more than 1 m or faces from TV, or the color of traffic lights.

Now with bioptic telescope mounted, I began to distinguish the faces of those dear, faces on TV, I see the color of traffic lights, barriers, writing on the boards, I restarted to read fluently, I work at the computer, I have a normal life. I have great ambition to continue, as I’ve seen the huge help of this little bioptic telescope.

God bless you, professor AHMET!

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