Av. Yaşar Okumuş

I am Yaşar Okumuş, I’m 45 and a lawyer for 21 years.

My vision rate is 5% and it becomes 10% with the spectacles. I have completed my primary and secondary schools, high school and university by means of a hand-magnifier. I could never read the blackboard. It was a nightmare for me trying to read just anything.

In 2005, I’ve met the binocular-shaped telescopes. I was using two different telescopes to see far and near. Although they were aesthetically looking very ugly, my priority was seeing well.

The year of 2010 was a brand new beginning for me; so to say my life started again. The 1 cm-long little window, that my Professor had invented, was a miracle to me. I no longer needed magnifiers nor binoculars and I could now see far and near with a single spectacle and the miracle spectacles’ telescope diameter is less than centimeter.

Watching TV from a distance, using the computer, reading books, writing, reading what is written on the signs across the road, seeing the bus-sign that goes to our neighborhood before the bus approaches, recognizing who is coming towards you, greeting them and talking to them, seeing the screen of cellular phones… Earlier I was not experiencing all these things. My vision rate of 10% with spectacles improved to 50% with this miracle telescopic spectacle. Now life is five times easier and faster for me.

I thank God for this miracle spectacle and I would also like to express my thanks to the inventor of this miracle; Prof. Dr. Ahmet TEMEL.

God bless you, Professor.

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