Serkan Atlı

Serkan Atlı was suffering of Stargardt’s Disease.

His vision was 20/200 and his job was marketing. He was not able to drive, read, see his cellphone; which he needed these abilities very much to run his job.

Serkan bought Mini Telescopic Glasses and a clip-on sunfilter. This highly tinted glasses solved his light sensitivity problem completely which he had been suffering when he was marketing on streets. Clip-on sunfilter can be removed from spectacle and Mini Telescopic Glasses provides a perfect vision at indoor activities as well.

The most important feature of Mini Telescopic Glasses is the invisible outlook, even from side-view there is no protrusion or sight of Mini Telescopic device.

His vision improved from 20/200 to 20/32. Serkan began to walk and wander on streets comfortably even under bright sunlight, while he had not able to open his eyelids in the past. He begun to drive which is very important for him to earn his life. One of his biggest challenge had been to identify the route of a bus, he was not able to read the sign on bus which he now overcomes by Mini Telescopic Glasses.

Mini Telescopic Glasses is not only good for distance vision but it is perfect for reading and near tasks as well. After a small adjustment to telescopic device, glasses become ideal for near reading and smartphone usage. These near activities are done from 30-35 cm.s (about 1 foot – 13 inches) which is a convenient near working distance.

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