Eugene Murnane

I am from Cork County/ Ireland, 52 yo and suffering of aniridia, nystagmus with a severe visual loss.  I bought Mini Telescopic Glasses about a year ago and here is my opinion about this custom-made spectacle.

When someone with low vision is looking for a device to help them see better there is two main things they want:

1. A device that gives them the best  vision possible near/far

2. A device that is as hidden as possible

Mini Telescopic Glasses covers these two elements.


  • Different strengths makes 20/20 vision possible for most people
  • The telescope is on the inside of the glasses and with the tinted lens it is the most discrete device on the market
  • It’s adjustable between near and far viewing
  • After sales service and training is excellent


  • Training and patience required
  • Sometimes when moving between settings you can miss objects for example when going from near viewing to far you may not be fast enough to see the number on a moving bus or taxi


I’m very happy with my mini telescopic glasses. I can read, write watch TV and live a good standard of life

YES I would recommend these glasses to a friend

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